The EOG welcomes new members Snow Peak and Maloja

It has been a busy time for membership applications and we are delighted to welcome new members Snow Peak and Maloja.

Founded in 1958 in Under the policy that "we are also users", Snow Peak creates truly innovative equipment and hosts annual Snow Peak Way camping events at their headquarters where both users and staff can meet and talk with each other, fostering a close-knit community of like minded outdoor enthusiasts and fans all over the world. Today, with the rapid evolution of technology accelerating the convenience of our daily lives, it has also led us to sacrifice precious human to human interaction. By simply experiencing the lifestyle of Snow Peak through their products and services, it's their intention that you can reconnect with the natural world, and the rest of mankind.

Arne Strate - General Secretary of the EOG comments:

"We're very pleased that Snow Peak have decided to join the European Outdoor Group. Snow Peak have recently moved into Europe and have seen the clear benefits of joining the association. They have already been getting involved in EOG CSR, sustainability and Research projects, and we look forward to their contribution to our work in pre-competitive co-operation."

Maloja is not just a name, it is a way of life. For sharing beautiful moments with friends to make them perfect. For never losing your curiosity about life. For the fact that it doesn’t take much to experience something special - just a little courage to leave the beaten track and dare something new. Maloja represent a philosophy that focuses on respect for people and nature and values ethics, sustainability, a good atmosphere with partners and encourages us to burden nature as little as possible.
The memories of the unforgettable deep snow day with friends are reflected in the company philosophy: MALOJA STANDS FOR: Respect for nature and humanity, finding creative inspiration through the simple things in life and the courage and determination to go our own way. Every time.

Arne Strate - General Secretary of the EOG comments:

“We’re delighted to welcome Maloja as a member of the European Outdoor Group and look forward to working with the team there. In recent years, new applications to join the association have reflected the wider growth and evolution of the outdoor sector. The addition of brands such as Maloja will not only mean that we can even better represent the whole industry, but will also add valuable contributions to some of our core projects in areas such as market insights and CSR and sustainability. When considered alongside the recent addition of Associated Members to the EOG, this news highlights the European outdoor sector’s continuing commitment to collaboration, and the association’s unique position to be able to provide the necessary neutral platform and lead those efforts on behalf of the trade."

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