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Market research is one of our core areas of activity, we are committed to delivering an ongoing market research programme for the outdoor sector, and providing timely data and analysis. The European Outdoor Group invests significant resources into market data research in order to evaluate the performance of the outdoor sector. The objective is to deliver market intelligence and insight that is:
In line with the priorities of the EOG membership and other industry partners. In support of the overall development of the Outdoor sector.  

This is achieved by:
• Delivering robust and timely sales data  – The State of Trade & Retail Barometer
• Developing wider research services to increase understanding of the market environment, retail and consumer dynamics
• Partnering with trusted research providers to help deliver additional research services

State of Trade Report

The European Outdoor Group’s (EOG) ground-breaking State of Trade report delivers hard facts about the European outdoor industry.

This is the main industry report for Europe, measuring the brands’ sales of outdoor products. The report measures wholesale value and units by season for seven product categories, which are split into 48 product sub- categories.

With a total of 122 brands now taking part, the State of Trade report continues to evolve, improving on the data collection process, market estimates, and the sales coverage in certain countries and for some product lines.

State of trade results 2022
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