CSR & Sustainability

We are striving for an industry that is climate neutral, free from harmful chemicals, responsibly using resources, discharging safe emissions, and maintaining ethical supply chains.

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We educate, provide opportunities to make an impact, represent the industry and mitigate risk, respond to our members needs, and cultivate CSR networking opportunities.

The European Outdoor Group prioritises and drives work in key sustainability areas to collectively accelerate global change.
At the highest level, investment in CSR and sustainability may be considered an essential part of ensuring there is a viable future for our industry. It has the potential to impact massively on the reputation, operational efficiency, innovation, the long-term prosperity of our industry, and the natural and societal environment we capitalise on.
We work towards achieving an overarching vision of an outdoor sector that does global, profitable business in a way that gives back more than it takes from nature and from people. We concentrate resources into a number of focus areas, breaking down sustainability into operable topics underpinned by the Sustainability Charter.


The EOG CSR & Sustainability team are here to inform, educate and support the outdoor sector.

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Sustainability Charter

This voluntary Sustainability Charter outlines the EOG understanding of what good corporate citizenship and responsibility entails.

Race to Zero

Signing up to a Race to Zero initiative is now a pre-requisite for EOG membership.  Find more information and support on how to achieve this here.

Market Research & Insights

We are authoritative source of European outdoor market data and insights.

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We quantify the industry via the retail monitors, the state of trade sell-in report, and consumer and industry development trends.

Market research is one of our core areas of activity, we are committed to delivering an ongoing market research programme for the outdoor sector, and providing timely data and analysis. The European Outdoor Group invests significant resources into market data research in order to evaluate the performance of the outdoor sector. The objective is to deliver market intelligence and insight that is in line with the priorities of the EOG membership and other industry partners and in support of the overall development of the Outdoor sector.
The EOG achieve this by delivering robust and timely sales data via The State of Trade & Outdoor Market Intelligence Service.
The EOG are developing wider research services to increase understanding of the market environment, retail and consumer dynamics and partnering with trusted research providers to help deliver additional research services.


The EOG Research and Insights department and our partner organisations are here to inform, educate and support the outdoor sector.

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State of Trade

The European Outdoor Group's (EOG) ground-breaking State of Trade report delivers hard facts about the European outdoor industry, measuring the wholesale value and brand unit sales of outdoor products.


The Outdoor Market Intelligence Service, created in partnership with Sporting Insights offers a new standard in data gathering and reporting for the outdoor industry.

Shows & Events

We bring the industry together physically to discuss trade topics, network, demonstrate products and brands, and connect as an outdoor community.

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Through OutDoor by ISPO, the European Outdoor Summit, our involvement in ISPO, and more, we create relevant, valuable events for the outdoor trade to come together.

The European Outdoor Group recognises the importance of events to the outdoor industry. We play a pivotal role in the two major European trade shows OutDoor by ISPO and ISPO Munich with our partners at ISPO. Alongside this we hold our own summit meeting each year with inspirational and informative speakers and opportunities to network with over 300 senior executives.

As well as these major events we support a host of our members' events along with a wide range of digital webinars and meetings.

Events Strategy

The EOG organise and support major industry events that are designed to inform, educate and support the outdoor sector.

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European Outdoor Summmit

The EOS is a business-focused annual gathering of senior outdoor industry professionals.

Trade Shows

The EOG is the organising partner for OutDoor by ISPO and plays an integral role in the ISPO Munich show.

Group Membership

Our membership is representative of the wider European outdoor value chain, and our work includes and adds value to the entire sector.

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We identify brands, retailers and relevant organisations across the European outdoor value chain and invite them to join our membership; we assess and identify potential projects or initiatives specific to their needs, and we integrate them into existing departmental outputs of the European Outdoor Group.

Membership Strategy

The EOG works to grow the membership with brands, retailers and members of the wider value chain for the benefit of the whole sector.

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Members Listings

The EOG membership is made up of Brands, retailers and technology providers. Since 2023 we have also welcomed applications from the wider outdoor value chain.

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