Statista latest report on the entire digital economy available to download for free

Statista compiled the most relevant and recent data on the entire digital economy – a overview of one of the hottest topics of our time. Since holistic and accurate data is a critical factor for any decision-making, the Digital Economy Compass 2020 presents the latest and most relevant data from both third-party sources and our own research & market analyses.

What's included in the Digital Economy Compass 2020?

Chapter 1 - Impact of COVID-19 on the digital economy:

  • What impact has COVID-19 on the global and digital economy?
  • Who have been the major beneficiaries of COVID-19 and who has been challenged?
  • What have been critical digital contributions to the fight against COVID-19?

Chapter 2 - How do consumers shape the digital economy:

  • How has consumer behavior changed in 2020?
  • What’s behind the major remote working trend?

Chapter 3 - Underlying technologies of the digital economy:

  • What trend technologies (5G) are enabling the digital economy?
  • What underlying backbone technologies (hardware) are enabling the digital economy?

Chapter 4 - Digital Markets:

  • How have market sizes, growth, key players, and market dynamics changed?
  • We have compiled digital markets from various Statista Market Outlooks, which cover a broad range of topics, e.g., eCommerce, Digital Media, Online Food Delivery, Mobility Services, and Cloud Hosting