We are the voice of the European outdoor sector:

Our vision is to do global, profitable business in a way that gives back more than we take - from nature and people.

We are here to support our members’ collective vision for the outdoor sector.

We undertake market leading research, organise and support trade shows and industry events, sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, work to support conservation and encourage and enable European citizens to get active outdoors and, last but not least, we represent our sector to the European Commission, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

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EOG ISPO programme 2023

For ISPO 2023 the European Outdoor Group have put together a comprehensive programme of meetings, presentations, guest speakers and events.
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Outdoor Market Intelligence Service

After two years of development,  we are delighted to launch the Outdoor Market Intelligence Service (OMIS), delivered in partnership with Sporting Insights. This is a new retail sales reporting tool for the industry and its importance cannot be overstated.
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Single Use Plastics Project

Industry-wide problems demand an industry-sized response. For this reason over 35 brands and retailers from the outdoor industry are working together to take responsibility for their single use plastic poly bags. Read our comprehensive project report now.

Our members represent a wide cross section of the Outdoor sector.

Our members are brands, retailers and NGO’s from around the world.
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Here you will find all our latest research, industry news, webinars and project information.

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The Its Great Out There Coalition was set up in 2017 to work in partnership with European, national and regional authorities, all of the outdoor recreation
industries, non-profit associations, other organisations, and directly with the public, with the aim to motivate, activate and advocate outdoor activity for all.
Annecy, France.
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