Show partners unveil bold new proposals for OutDoor by ISPO

European Outdoor Group and Messe Munich offer early sight of major changes proposed for 2025

Plans have been revealed for major changes to OutDoor by ISPO from 2025. The European Outdoor Group (EOG) and its trade show partner Messe Munich, used this year’s show to preview proposals that are designed to fully realise a vision to create a high value business platform that represents the whole of the outdoor sector.

From 2025, OutDoor by ISPO aims to offer an all new layout with more budget-friendly opportunities to exhibit, depending on objectives, and a flexible meeting space offer to allow for privacy in business meetings. The new format will be backed by a more sophisticated and proactive approach to marketing, targeting different potential visitor groups from across the trade, and engaging with industry adjacent business networks.

The EOG and Messe Munich have jointly developed the updates in the months leading up to this year’s show, which has returned to the main trade fair site at Riem for the first time since 2019, and which already features some of the new participation opportunities. The plans were shared with EOG members at their Summer Meeting and are being communicated throughout the show. Following this year’s event, there will be a consultation process with key stakeholders, with a view to finalising the plans and related costs by early October, allowing companies and individuals to factor in how they want to engage with OutDoor by ISPO when setting budgets for 2025.

EOG President Matt Gowar explains the background to the proposed changes:

“OutDoor by ISPO is so much more than a straightforward brand and retailer interface, but the way that it has been set up doesn’t really reflect that. It is already an important platform for thousands of people who do not fit into the traditional trade show visitor categories, and through this new format, we can offer much greater value across the board. In doing so, we will better balance the cost burden, so that everyone makes a contribution and derives a business benefit from being here. The EOG Board and executive team have been working very hard and closely with Messe Munich to be able to share these proposals so soon, and give colleagues such an early insight into what we aim to deliver at OutDoor by ISPO in 2025.”

The proposals include a new hall layout that will be loosely based on the idea of an old town, with busy, narrow ‘streets’ populated by a wide range of exhibitors, with something new and different to see at every turn. There will be a series of open ‘squares’, offering prime real estate to present products or brand stories in a different environment, as well as places to host the extensive business support presentations and workshops, that are now a core part of the event’s appeal. A special, mainly pre-built ‘freestyle’ area will host an eclectic mix of exhibitors, from new market entrants or those at the show for the first time, to brands that want to showcase a specific new product or innovation in a standalone format. Overall, the intention is to completely shake up the setting of the show and create something that is exciting and full of surprises for visitors and exhibitors alike.

In order to broaden the appeal of the show, and balance the burden of investment, plans for the OutDoor by ISPO include the addition of readily available, private meeting rooms and spaces that can be booked by the hour, day or for the full show. There will be options for curated ‘match-making’ that are designed to appeal to different target user groups, including product developers and designers, sourcing, market research and recruitment teams, and a variety of business consultants. These will be available to be booked for anything from a meeting with a supplier, to an interview with a prospective employee, or a pitch from an agency.

As organiser of the show, Messe Munich is developing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to actively target each potential user group with the most appropriate information and marketing material that will help them determine how to engage with OutDoor by ISPO. A vital aspect of the new CRM will be a comprehensive retailer database, and this will be used to work with retailers to ensure that their needs for the show are a key element.

Matt Gowar adds:

“OutDoor by ISPO is an asset for the whole sector and we have a responsibility to look after it and nurture it. The developments that we are proposing are very significant, but they should not surprise anyone, as the trade has been requesting significant changes like these for many years.”

Tobias Groeber, Executive Director Consumer Goods at the ISPO Group, adds:

“This is an exciting time for OutDoor by ISPO. The 2025 concept offers so many more opportunities to exhibit, or do business in other ways at the show. We believe that the new format will truly deliver the vision that the European Outdoor Group articulated when choosing Messe Munich as its trade show partner. We’re delighted to have the proposals for 2025 ready so early, and look forward to discussing them in detail with colleagues over the months ahead.”

Following this year’s OutDoor by ISPO, the EOG and Messe Munich will consult with a new OutDoor by ISPO Advisory Council and set up a series of user feedback groups, while continuing to develop the CRM system. Following this consultation and any refinements to the proposals, more detailed plans will be shared at the European Outdoor Summit in September.

The final format and packages for OutDoor by ISPO 2025 will be communicated in early October.

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